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Classical Hugs Online

Classical Hugs Music Academy delivers online lessons and masterclasses with world-class musicians.
Student performances, lectures, and media promotion are also part of the program. 
At the end of the course, students receive Diplomas and Certificates.

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About Us

Classical Hugs Online is an ideal place for students, music professionals, and audience members to meet, and create music. Our performance and educational programs focus on building a solid foundation and prepare for a competition, orchestra appearance, a solo recital, or a recording. No matter which program you pick, you’re guaranteed quality instruction from passionate teachers. Whether you’re enrolled or thinking of applying, continue browsing to read more about our programs and masterclasses.

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How it works


Classical Hugs connects students, teachers, lecturers, and the audience with the power of music sharing through global coherence. 

We encourage all musicians to precede their performances with a few words of hope/warmth or a gesture of heart or an imaginary hug to support the public across the globe. 


Classical Hugs Academy is pleased to announce our Second Edition: May 8 - July 8, 2021.

Students' options include 1 Masterclass, 1 Private Lesson, a simple program (just 3 lessons), or an intensive program (up to 10 masterclasses/lessons, lectures, and online concerts). We offer flexible hours and scheduling. 

Jotform application - click here.

Instruments. Classical Hugs offers lessons and masterclasses in Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, and Guitar. 

How to apply

General Application - We recommend using the Application link on the top right corner of the page. 

For schedule and dates, look at Lessons & Masterclasses page.

Study programs include:

Masterclasses - 40 mins each. Offered by professors on a regular basis

Signature Masterclasses - 40 minutes each. Offered by specific professors, whose availability is limited by specific dates.

We recommend signing up as soon as possible, as their schedule is limited: More information and registration

Private lessons - 60 mins each.

Note: Please let us know if you are O.K. to have observers for your lesson or masterclass. If you object, we will reserve a lesson or masterclass for you without spectators. 

Concerts - students participate in group and solo concerts broadcasted by Classical Hugs on Facebook and YouTube. 

Intense media promotion - publications on Facebook groups, email lists, and forums. 

Lectures - by industry professionals. For example, how to be confident on stage, how to market and advance your career, the world of music criticism and marketing trends in classical music: More information. 

Faculty concerts and presentations.

Access to observe all open events - masterclasses, lessons, lectures, and concerts. 

Lessons and Masterclasses will be conducted through Zoom - Professional Edition.  

Alternatively, we can arrange for lessons to be conducted via Skype, or UWMeeting - a new application with great sound and video quality. It is possible to have lessons on a laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone. For the best sound quality, we recommend having a sensitive microphone and to connect your computer or tablet directly to your router. 

For the best sound setting, visit our Zoom setup page.

Scheduling lesson or masterclass

Classical Hugs will schedule all lessons and masterclasses according to time zones convenient for both: Professors and Students. If you apply to a Professor through our Wix system, you can book your lesson date and time in our Calendar. 

If you applied through our Application (simple), we will schedule your lessons/masterclasses and send you invitations to Zoom, Skype, or UWMeeting several days prior to a scheduled event. The full schedule will be posted on our website closer to April 1.

Note: Please be available to appear on Zoom 5-10 minutes earlier than your scheduled lesson for soundcheck. 

Note: if you have a specific question for any professor, please notify us, and we will be happy to forward your request. 


Masterclasses - 40 minutes - 1 student.

Lessons - 60 minutes - 1 student. 

Student group concerts take 1 1/2 to 3 hours, depending on the number of participants signing up. 

Student solo recitals - you can present a program of 20 minutes maximum for each concert.


All lectures and concerts will be recorded and observed publicly. It will be shared on our website, YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook and available to watch later. 

Lessons and masterclasses will also be recorded. Upon request by email, students will be provided with a link to download the lesson/masterclass recording and watch it later. Request a recording by emailing to


Faculty and student concerts are open to the online audience. Lectures, masterclasses, and lessons are open for observation ONLY to students, faculty, and those signing up to Observer Program.

Note: It's up to students to allow if their lesson or masterclass is observed by other students or spectators. If you want to have a lesson or masterclass individually, please inform us by writing to 

Accompanists (Strings only). In accordance with the pandemic situation, we don't require to have piano accompanist ready. If you have a member of your household, who is the pianist and can accompany you to the lesson, you are welcome to do so. You can also invite a pianist from outside, which will be entirely your decision. 

Certificates & Diplomas

All Active students who have participated in the Classical Hugs program will be granted attendance certificates.

Diplomas of Merit or Honor may also be granted. Certificates and Diplomas will be delivered by email within 10 days after the last completed event at Classical Hugs. 

Concerts & Promotion

Multi-participant student concerts take place once a week. It is possible to sign up for concerts via the following

Google Form or by emailing Nataly Becker

All concerts will be broadcasted on the Classical Hugs Facebook Live page and also aired through the YouTube channel. Student concerts will be publicized on the Classical Hugs website, YouTube, Email lists, Instagram, Google ads, Facebook groups, & fan pages. 

Please visit our student group here.

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P.O. Box 225, Westbury, NY

+1 (917) 535-9362

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