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Terms & Conditions

Classical Hugs Music Academy Online/ G.Gershwin Music Competition LLC





I, the PARTICIPANT or the PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN of the PARTICIPANT, age 17 or younger

(Hereinafter collectively referred to as “PARTICIPANT”), hereby waive, release, and grant to and for the benefit of the G.Gershwin Music Competition LLC (Classical Hugs Music Academy online)

(Hereinafter referred to as “GMC LLC” CHMA and/or its assignees, any and all rights that I may have to any recordings, videography, and/or photographs made by or for the “GIMC LLC” of any performance or event organized or sponsored by it. I understand and agree that by virtue of this waiver, release, and grant of rights, the “GMC LLC” CHMA will have the right to make full and unrestricted use of such recordings, videography, and/or photographs, including without limitation, in advertisements, commercial ventures, and promotions and for the sale or lease of same, without any fee or other compensation owed to me.


I, the PARTICIPANT, fully and in good faith intending to be bound thereby, do hereby promise not to initiate any claim, lawsuit, or other legal action, pertaining to any action or omission by the “GMC LLC” CHMA relating directly or indirectly to the GMC LLC” CHMA as to which Disclaimer Form is herewith being made. This promise is made as a condition of the Disclaimer Form, and in consideration for the “GMC LLC” CHMA) processing and evaluation of the Disclaimer Form. This promise constitutes an acceptance and agreement by the PARTICIPANT that, for example, decisions by competition judges are final and beyond appeal, and the physical spaces of the competition venues are reasonably safe and appropriate for their intended purposes. (However, this promise is not in any respect limited to the above two examples.)

C. Cost of the chosen course or a competition participation or other project for PARTICIPANTS, STUDENTS, PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN is nonrefundable.

The refund is available only in case of Force Majeure (Natural Disaster, Military Action) and will be refunded during the next 12 months.


I intend that this promise be fully binding upon the PARTICIPANT, as well as upon heirs, successors, and assignees of the PARTICIPANT.

This promise applies to the registration process to the program Classical Hugs Music Academy online /“GMC LLC” (CHMA”GMC LLC”) and all events under the purview of the “GMC LLC” and its associated activities and/or events.


By checking the “check box”on the Form above, I accept this Disclaimer Form by me and/or by my Legal Guardian hereby fully affirm that the above statements in this Disclaimer Form are true, and legally binding upon me.

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