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Narva City Symphony Orchestra (Estonia)

The Narva City Symphony Orchestra was formed in November 1994 on the basis of an instrumental ensemble composed of teachers and alumni of the Narva Music School. The orchestra was conducted by Anatoly Shchura, a graduate of the Belarusian State Conservatory's Faculty of Composition and a member of the Russian Composers' Union, who is still the orchestra's artistic director and chief conductor.

The orchestra has been conducted by Roman Matsov, Peeter Saul, Jüri Alperten, Endel Nõgene, Aivo Välja, Esa Heikkilä, Czesław Grabowski, Zygmunt Rychert and Valentin Bogdanov. Well-known musicians such as pianists Kalle Randalu, Peeter Laul, Ivari Ilja, Yuri Bogdanov and Nina Seregina, violinists Lev Klõtškov, Artjom Šiškov, Michael Foyle and Ilja Kozlov, cellists Aleksei Stadler and Mikhail Radunski, flutes have performed with the orchestra. and many others.

The orchestra collaborates with the soloists of the Estonian National Opera, the St. Petersburg Maria and Mikhailov Theater, and the Novaya Opera Theater in Moscow. The orchestra has participated in several international projects: the music festival "Tubin and its Time", the international music festival named after J. Mravinski, the Chopin Competition, the international song and dance festival "Slavic Wreath". The genre spectrum of the orchestra's repertoire is very wide, and classical masterpieces are performed in both the reduced symphony orchestra and the chamber. The creative mobility of the ensemble is evidenced by participation in various music and theater projects, such as the stage version of A. Pushkin's and G. Sviridov's "Tuisu" and the performance "Orchestral Rehearsal" (with actors from the Estonian Drama Theater, directed by R. Baskin). The orchestra has given guest performances in Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Finland, Poland and Germany.

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