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How it works

How it works - Classical Hugs Academy in Murcia, Spain with Shlomo Mintz's Masterclasses

Classical Hugs presents Orchestral Academy in Murcia, Spain, January 29 - February 3, 2022.

Students will have an opportunity to have masterclasses and share the stage with Shlomo Mintz as part of Conservatory de Murcia Symphony Orchestra. 

All orchestra instruments can submit a free application, including video links of your playing

The early application deadline (with scholarship) is due December 20. Final application deadline - January 10.

We notify you about acceptance to the academy on January 12. 


Full details:

About Online Academy

Classical Hugs connects students, teachers, lecturers, and the audience with the power of music sharing through global coherence. We encourage all musicians to precede their performances with a few words of hope/warmth or a gesture of heart or an imaginary hug to support music across the globe. 


Classical Hugs Academy is pleased to announce our Second Edition: June 1 - July 15, 2021.

Students' options include 1 Masterclass, 1 Private Lesson, a simple program (just 3 lessons), or an intensive program (up to 10 masterclasses/lessons, lectures, and online concerts). We offer flexible hours and scheduling. 

How to apply

General Application - We recommend using the Application link on the top right corner of the page. 

Lessons & Masterclasses with a specific Professor - Apply through Wix system

Jotform application - click here.

Study programs

Student study plans include:

Regular Masterclasses - 40 mins each. Offered by professors on a regular basis

Signature Masterclasses - 40 mins each. Offered by selected professors, whose availability is limited by specific dates.

We recommend signing up as soon as possible, as their schedule is limited: More information and registration

Private lessons - 60 mins each.

Concerts - students participate in group and solo concerts broadcasted by Classical Hugs on Facebook and YouTube. 

Intense media promotion - publications on Facebook groups, email lists, and forums. 

Lectures - by industry professionals. For example, how to be confident on stage, how to market and advance your career, the world of music criticism and marketing trends in classical music: More information. 

Faculty concerts and presentations.

Access to observe all events - masterclasses, lessons, Signature masterclasses, lectures, concerts. 

Lessons and Masterclasses will be conducted through Zoom.

It is possible to have lessons on a laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone. For the best sound quality, we recommend having a sensitive microphone and to connect your computer or tablet directly to your router. 

For the best sound setting, visit our Zoom setup page.


Classical Hugs will schedule all lessons and masterclasses according to time zones convenient for both: Professors and Students. We will send out Zoom invitations 1 day prior to a scheduled event.

The schedule will be constantly updated on our website.

Note: if you have a specific question for any professor, please notify us, and we will be happy to forward your request. 


Masterclasses - 40 minutes - 1 student.

Lessons - 60 minutes - 1 student. 

Note: Please be available to appear on Zoom 5-10 minutes earlier than your scheduled lesson for soundcheck. 


All lectures and concerts will be recorded on our Zoom sessions and observed publicly. It will be shared on our website, YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook and available to watch later. 

Lessons and masterclasses will also be recorded. After Zoom sessions, students will be provided with a link to download the lesson/masterclass recording and watch it later. 

Lessons or masterclass can be conducted with or without spectators. It will be up to each student to decide. If you want to have a lesson or masterclass individually, please inform us by writing to 


Faculty and student concerts are open to the online audience. Lectures, masterclasses, and lessons are open for observation ONLY to students, faculty, and those signing up to Observer Program.

Note: It's up to students to allow if their lesson or masterclass is observed by other students or spectators.

If you want to have a lesson or masterclass individually, please inform us in advance by writing to 

Certificates & Diplomas

All Active students who have participated in the Classical Hugs program will be granted attendance certificates.

Diplomas of Merit or Honor may also be granted. Certificates and Diplomas will be delivered by email. 

Concerts & Promotion

Group student concerts take place twice per week. It is possible to sign up for the concert via the following Google Form: 

All concerts will be broadcasted on the Classical Hugs Facebook Live page and also aired through the YouTube channel. Student concerts will be publicized on the Classical Hugs website, YouTube, Email lists, Instagram, Google ads, Facebook groups, & fan pages. 

Please visit our student group here.


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