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Anastasia Kozlova

Artistic Director - Festival Groeneveld

Artistic Director - Festival Gooisch Klassiek

Anastasia Kozlova is a multidimensional violinist who fascinates her audience with extraordinary interpretations, telling background stories and a mix of ideas combined into a remarkable performance. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, the child of famous (including Leningrad Philharmonic) Russian musicians and descendant of the Russian aristocracy. Anastasia sets itself the goal of making (young) people enthusiastic for classical music. To this end, she creates combinations of a high-quality, emotionally touching playing combined with other themes, multimedia and stories.

Very recently she performed in Switzerland, Estonia, USA and Finland, among others.

In addition to playing the violin, Anastasia also organizes classical music festivals (Festival Gooisch Klassiek and Festival Groeneveld) and concerts. As a classical music innovator she has, among other things, devised the concepts of "music and yoga" and "music and effect on the brain".

Anastasia Kozlova: About
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