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Euro-Korean Soloist Ensemble

Euro-Korean Soloist Ensemble was founded in 2003 and consists of professors and orchestra musicians from Korea.

Until now, Euro-Korean Soloist Ensemble has been performing in various countries, including  Germany, Croatia, Austria, Spain, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Czech, and Poland. 

Members of Euro-Korean Soloist Ensemble include players from many famous orchestras and chamber groups: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Milwaukee Symphony, Korean Chamber Orchestra, APS Simphonia, DCMF Orchestra, Soto Voce Ensemble, Ekler String Quartet, Berlin Sinfoniker, The Juilliard Orchestra, Daejeon Philharmonic Orchestra, Seoul Philharmonic, Louisiana Sinfonieta, and others. 

In Estonia, Euro-Korean Soloist Ensemble will be performing in 2 concerts also as honorary guest artists, and as part of the  Klassika Kütkes International Orchestra. 

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